Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boxing Lessons

We have all been there, I've written about it before.
Its a problem with living on earth. So unfortunately, none of us can escape it.
If you are like me, it seems to be attracted to you. It comes almost too naturally to make you think it is natural.
And as Americans: Especially this time of year.
It can come in an instant, or it could build up. It can hit you like a ton of bricks or rock after rock.
Maybe for you, pebble after pebble.
Oh the joys of stress. that 'mental or emotional strain' from those 'difficult circumstances.'
It wears on you, beats you down. It buries you, stomps on you.
This last weekend, to put it kindly, decided to play games with me.
Being the most tired, I've ever been. Feeling some of the worst emotional pain, I've felt for a long time. I was more nervous than ever. I was the most disappointed i've been. I felt the most excited (since 2009 of course). More anger than ever. And even had fun this weekend. A horrible game of life was played.
I wanted to compare it to a roller-coaster. You know, the ups and downs. The craziness of all these feelings. The stress of the weekend.
I compare it more to a boxer. Getting hit, knocked down, beaten sometimes, getting in some hits. falling down, maybe cut, sweaty, tired. I can win and I can lose.
This weekend definitely won. I have had some losses, I don't have a perfect record. But since when does my next fight, my next spar, ever have to be about my last match?
I may have lost saturday, I may have won Sunday. I may be losing today, and tomorrow. But hey, I guess we all need some practice before we can claim our victory.
My anger can be held in for a long time. but compared to what other people are dealing with? Why should mine be the priority? So maybe its time to take the gloves off and hold the bag. Because this world is not about me. I am merely in it. I am having my friends backs and all I can really do is hope they have mine.
And when it is my turn? When the stress comes, in my corner I will go.
I will be ready. I hope to be ready. After my last defeat, can I be knocked down again?
we shall see.
All I want do do is win, put my hands up and know that from the ashes, I will rise.

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